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Digital Technology Audits

Full Independent Digital Technology Audits Without The Technical Hassle!

Our digital technology audits provides an evaluation of your school / Trust's network focusing on elements such as topology, network & device security, device management, data recovery and licencing. Our audits are designed for us to focus on the technical parts but the outcome for you is core strategic recommendations without the technical jargon!

If you are already outsourcing your IT and question the current status of your network, it may be the ideal opportunity to get an unbiased view. Our audits typically last one full day onsite and will be conducted by a member of our central management team along with one of our service technicians. As part of the audit we will deep dive into all known parts of the network from the top-down taking live information based on the current infrastructure and noting down possible recommendations. Once the audit visit has been completed, our central team will then compile a formal audit report to be submitted back to your school / Trust. This audit will cover each section of the audit in more detail and also provide possible short, mid and long term strategic goals which could be implemented by the school to bring it up to industry standards.


What a standard audit roadmap looks like

From start to finish, our central IT services team will manage all communication and discussions around the audit. As part of our pre-audit checks we will communicate with the school and ensure that all of our DBS information is passed over prior to us starting on site.

For single school audits the roadmap will be slightly streamlined, however the process will remain the same. Once the visit has been completed and the formal report has been complied, we will arrange a review & handover meeting to go  through the findings and strategic development points.


Interested in arranging an audit for your site?

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