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Thorpe Primary School joined Giant Book Hunt

Thorpe Primary School, part of Peterborough Keys Academies Trust (PKAT) has enthusiastically participated in the National Literacy Trust’s giant book hunt, transforming Peterborough into a citywide treasure hunt of hidden books.

As part of this engaging initiative, Thorpe Primary School embraced its role as Literacy Champions and eagerly joined the 'Look for a Book' campaign. The school strategically concealed 20 books across its grounds and the surrounding neighbourhoods, including Atherstone Avenue, Ledbury Road, and Breamore Gardens. Clues were displayed on screens around the school and distributed to the children as they left for the day, igniting a thrilling quest for books.


Miss Emma Anderson, Headteacher of Thorpe Primary School commented: “Literacy Champions are passionate about the power that literacy has to change lives. Kathryn Bothwell, our Reading Lead, has been trained as a Literacy Champion by the Peterborough National Literacy Trust, with the main aim to promote positive relationships with reading. Within school, this had led to 'Love for Reading' events such as parent stay and read sessions, hosting book fairs, and providing free books to children.”


The initiative was met with overwhelming enthusiasm from both students and parents. Mrs. Greening, a member of the staff, noted, "The book hunt has got the children so excited about reading, it's lovely to see."


Mrs Catley, who co-organized the event with Miss Bothwell, added, "It was wonderful to see the children and parents getting involved together to 'look for a book'. Reading for pleasure is something we promote to our children, so that they see it as enjoyable, rather than something they have to do. I definitely think we will do a book hunt again, as the feedback from the children has been overwhelmingly positive!"


Students shared their excitement and joy in participating. Saida A from Year 4 commented, "The book hunt was such a nice, enjoyable idea. It was like a mystery that needed to be solved and I used the clues to help me." Izaan N from Year 1 added, "I used the clues to help me find the book with my parents and felt so happy when I found it!" Mariyam S from Year 6 agreed, "I spotted the book out the window and was so lucky that it was still there when I finished!"


The event has not only fostered a love for reading but also strengthened community bonds through the shared joy of discovery and adventure. Thorpe Primary School looks forward to continuing such engaging activities to promote literacy and the joy of reading and thank the National Literacy Trust for the donation of books and support of this project.