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Polar explorer visits Thorpe Primary

The pupils from Thorpe Primary School in Netherton, part of Peterborough Keys Academies Trust (PKAT) were introduced to Helen Turton, an explorer who runs a company to help people realise their dreams of visiting the Arctic. 

Helen has led more than 80 expeditions with young people and adult groups abroad, especially in the polar regions, and has worked extensively in the outdoor and environmental education industry.

The primary school’s Year 2 topic is the 'Frozen World' and the children were keen to find out what being in the polar region was actually like.  Prashansa said “I enjoyed learning about the penguins and polar bears, they can’t be found together because they live on opposite sides of the world!”

Emma Anderson, Headteacher of Thorpe Primary School said: “We were thrilled to have Helen in school, to share her amazing adventures.  Seeing the photos, trying out exploration apparatus and wearing polar clothing really brought the learning to life.  Helen’s message to the children is to ‘live for your dreams’; I am sure she has inspired them to be brave, have adventures and explore the world!

Helen leads Polar Expedition Training, Hardangervidda Crossing, Svalbard trips and Greenland Icecap Crossings, as well as other trips in Norway and Iceland. She is very knowledgeable and can advise on what you need to do to get involved in cross-country skiing and Polar journeys.

Helen enjoys nothing more than living a self-sufficient lifestyle out of a pulk (sledge) in cold climates. She loves to share her experiences and skills learnt on these trips with others - inspiring, encouraging and motivating others to believe in their dreams and to work hard to make them happen, whatever they might be.

Children from Thorpe Primary said: “I enjoyed learning about penguins and polar bears. They can't be found together because they live on opposite sides of the world."

"I enjoyed going into the sleeping bag. It so was warm!"

"I liked feeling the clothes and learning about the Arctic and Antarctic."

"I tried the coat on. It was so big and warm."