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Procurement Service

Bringing You Enterprise Grade Technology Without The Added Costs

With our growing network of suppliers and partners, our central team are on hand to support with any procurement needs your school / Trust might need.  Working within the education sector, we understand the growing struggles around budgets and financing developments, that's why providing high quality products without the enterprise added costs is our core focus.

Our procurement service is open to all schools / Trusts within the education sector and not just limited to our Trust & traded schools. We can support with any of the following purchases. If theres something that's not listed below, please speak with one of our technical team.

  • Servers
  • Core Networking (Switches, Port Installation, Cabling, etc.)
  • CCTV and Door Access Control
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)
  • IT Equipment (Laptops, Desktops, Tablets, etc.)
  • AV Equipment (Interactive Board, TVs, Projects, Speaker Systems, etc.)
  • Software and Licensing (Sophos Anti-Virus, Microsoft O365, etc.)
  • *NEW OFFER* Staff ID Card Printing
  • General Consumables




device monitoring with

PKAT IT Services is proud to continue our long standing partnership with NetSupport. As part of our continued vision to protect students using technology we have started provisioning schools with Classroomn.Cloud, a fully cloud based device monitoring and safeguarding solution. 

Click the link below to find out more and to claim your licenses today. 

Staff ID card printing

As part of our procurement expansion we are now able to offer staff ID badge printing for all schools. Our printing service allows you to design and customise your ID badges, have them printed and delivered to your school without the stress!

We are current able to print onto two types of badges.

  • Standard non-interactive badges
  • Paxton Mifare badges.

Our Paxton Mifare badges can be linked directly into your schools Paxton door access control system for simple door entry into your school

Why not speak with a member of our technician team to discuss how we can support with your ID card printing. 

Sophos Anti-virus for schools

Cyber security and protecting data is on the top over all Schools/MATs to do list to ensure they do not fall victim through a threat arise. At PKAT IT we understand that having access to the last and most up to date security and anti-virus detection system can come at a high cost. 

We are able to support all schools with affordable pricing to the latest Sophos products. We have invested in the Sophos product to ensure that we can protect all schools without draining the budgets.

Speak with a member of our technician team for more information or apply for your Sophos Anti-Virus licencing today.