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Our Key Values


  • We will challenge, support and inspire each other and ourselves to achieve our Personal Best.
  • We take pride in ourselves as we confidently take responsibility for our behaviours to achieve our dreams and aspirations.
  • We are self-aware learners who take care of our Physical and Mental well-being.


  • We form positive relationships and grow ourselves as leaders.
  • Our leadership skills will have a positive impact on others.
  • Our leadership skills are transferrable to the next stage of our education and beyond.


  • We will collaborate to create deep, independent, curious and resilient learners.
  • We acquire, apply and retain powerful and essential knowledge and skills which we are able to transfer and use across our lives.
  • We have educated citizens who have been introduced to the best that has been thought and said, and who are able to appreciate the best of human creativity and achievement.


  • We make the most of every opportunity open to us.
  • We recognise that the opportunities offered in and beyond the classroom broaden and enrich us.
  • Our participation in the opportunities offered build our cultural capital needed to succeed in life.


  • We are caring citizens who engage with the world and change it for the better.
  • Our actions support our belief in ‘being different and belonging together’.
  • We will develop a holistic set of values for success in the modern world with its diverse and ever-changing community.

These values and intents are supported by a commitment to operational efficiency and excellence that optimise resource deployment for teaching and learning purposes.