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IT Support For Education

At PKAT IT Services, we aim to keep our service simple but action it to the highest possible standard. Therefore, we only have one core support package which contains a few optional features to ensure we get the best support in place to meet your school / Trust's requirements.

Schools and academies have unique IT needs and are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce costs yet enhance the use of technology within the classroom and wider business processes. Our service has been built around our in-depth understanding of IT needs within the primary and secondary education sector.

Designed to work in partnership with you to remove the stress and headaches around technology and empower your school community!


Who We support











what can we support you with?

  • Managed Antivirus.
  • Support contracts for ongoing support and management of your systems.
  • Projectors & Interactive Whiteboards / Panels, including spares and repairs.
  • Microsoft Licensing.
  • Network Cabling from single connections to whole school cabling.
  • Wireless Network Installations.
  • School IT Hardware including desktop PC’s, laptops etc.
  • Repairs and New Equipment.
  • Server Configuration and Implementation.
  • Training Sessions For Staff

what to expect when you invest in pkat it

Our Core Service

What’s Included? What will my service technician/engineer do?
  • Dedicated Service Technician/Engineer 
  • Weekly or fortnightly visits during term time
  • Access to our helpdesk network
  • Access to our ever-growing knowledge base
  • Detailed system documentation
  • Annual network audit
  • Onsite technical management and problem resolution
  • Pro-active maintenance
  • Network checks, backup testing and device management
  • Site report after each visit. Including system health checks
  • Maintains network documentation
Critical Support Service Reserve Hours
  • Critical support from your dedicated technician
  • Critical support given urgent priority status
  • Provision of temporary network switch to minimise downtime
  • Escalation and strategic support from our Service Manager
  • Full diagnoses and service report following fix

A critical support call-out will consume one of your allocated scheduled visits or will be taken out of your reserve hours pot if available.

If an emergency call-out is determined to be caused by a third party system, we will raise the request with them to deal with it at their highest level of urgency, but cannot guarantee their response or resolution times

Customers can also opt in to purchasing a set of reserve hours which can be used at any point throughout the year except from public holidays and our Christmas shutdown. The reserve hours must be booked in advance with your service technician and hours can be used during school holidays.

These reserve hour’s can also be used as part of our critical support service, meaning that you don’t need to worry about extra payments when a critical incident happens.

We normally offer 10 reserve hours as standard, but this can be customised depending on your requirements.


The Financials

At PKAT IT Services we believe in ensuring that all students and teachers have the same equal access to high quality technology and education networks. Our core support packages covers everything you will need to manage and maintain your schools IT infrastructure. Even if we are unable to attend a site visit, we aim to provide a like for like remote service via our central team.

When building your customer support package, your main contract price will be made up from the number of requested visit hours x the hourly rate. If you have selected any additional services to be added to your package, these will be included within the total service cost and a full breakdown of your package will be provided prior to sign off. Our support package is purchased based on a weekly or fortnightly visit, typically either 39 or 19.5 visits per annum depending on requirements.

Should you wish to purchase the reserve hours pot, this is priced based on the standard hourly rate of your package. The purchased hours will then be held until they are required.

Examples of reserve hours usage:

  • Critical Support Call-out
  • Half term/holiday support hours
  • Onsite training sessions


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