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EduCloud by PKAT IT Services

EduCloud is our brand new cloud migration and service package which has been designed to bridge the gap between onsite services and the powerful cloud network to bring the best of technology to education. We understand that more and more schools are aiming to embrace cloud technology to reduce costs, streamline workloads and empower users to achieve more. 

Our new EduCloud package is a modular support package allowing schools to embrace different aspects of cloud technology without running the bank accounts dry. Below you can find out more about our offers and how to start your cloud journey with EduCloud.



 Educloud connect   

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 Educloud Backup

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 Educloud Secure

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 Educloud Automate

EduCloud Automate is our new one stop shop package to full automate and digitalise your day to day operations. Built up of a number of solutions, EduCloud Automate is there to support and empower schools as they start their cloud based journey but can also save countless hours of manual working by streamlining processes and improving on automated procedures.

EduCloud Automate is currently made up of the following solutions which can be purchased individually or as a complete package.

  • Automated Account provisioning/removing of user accounts
  • Paperless operations with Microsoft365
  • Paperless operations with Google for Education
  • Plus many more new solutions coming soon…

We can support both:

For a more in-depth looking to our EduCloud Automate package, please Click Here or click on the link below to speak with a member of our team to find out more.

 Educloud Dashboard

Stay Tuned! More Information Coming Soon