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Primary school teaches life skills in school’s First Aid Awareness Week ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Thorpe Primary School, in Netherton, part of Peterborough Keys Academies Trust (PKAT) welcomed staff from GRAHAM, National Highways and Magpas Air Ambulance to work with Year 5 pupils that formed part of the school’s First Aid Awareness Week.

Organised by Lynsey Harris, GRAHAM’s Social Value and Community Engagement Lead, and supported by Julie Duguid, from National Highways, the children were able to engage in an hour workshop, learning about CPR and how to use a defibrillator.

The sessions were taught by Magpas Air Ambulance, Nicola Cooper and her colleague, and were taught sensitively, using information and resources which met the UK Resuscitation Councils Guidelines.

Magpas Air Ambulance is teaching across the community to ensure people have the skills they need to try to save a life should they ever need them.  

During the lesson Magpas Air Ambulance staff demonstrated the process people should follow if they discover someone who has collapsed and stop breathing normally to give the person their best chance of survival.


They also discussed the importance of calling 999 and asking for help. In the UK, less than one in ten people who suffer an out of hospital cardiac arrest survive. By comparison, countries who teach CPR skills to children see survival rates of up to nine in ten. The session raised awareness and it emphasised that children would not be expected to help with CPR should a real-life emergency occur.   

Mrs Plant, class teacher said, “The children learnt an invaluable life skill which was taught in a fun and engaging way. They have learnt skills that will be with them for life.”


Children and staff loved the sessions with pupils commenting how invaluable their lesson was.


Charlie said, "It was interesting because I got to learn how to do CPR and how to use a defibrillator."


George said, “I enjoyed all of the training, especially using the defibrillator because it is easy, safe and fun to use.”


Melanija said, “The training was really interesting and I’m very thankful that I have learnt this because I can help lots of people.”

Miss Jamil, class teacher said, “I think the CPR training was a brilliant experience for the children. They were able to learn a vital skill through an informative, engaging and enjoyable workshop. It was amazing to see how empowered they felt after realising that they now had the tools to help to save a life.”


Lynsey Harris, from GRAHAM said, "It is always an absolute pleasure working with Thorpe Primary School. The children were really engaged and well behaved, as always. A big shout out goes to National Highways, especially Julie and her two colleagues, Rob and Dean. They are amazing to work with and it was their decision to support my suggestion to come along to the school with the Magpas trainers today, so thanks. Another collaborative event completed with GRAHAM, and it was great to engage with Magpas to provide such important skills to the children. Thank you both for three great sessions!"

Nicola Cooper, from Magpass said, "It was great to work with everyone, and what lovely well behaved children they were!"

Paula Jeremaes, Deputy Headteacher at Thorpe Primary School said: “At Thorpe we are very pleased to continue working with the team from GRAHAM and National Highways. They are providing fantastic opportunities for our children and enriching their learning experiences.”

Lynsey Harris will be returning to Thorpe Primary School on 13th May to award the winner of the homework competition with a prize.