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Thorpe Primary’s celebration of ancient times

The primary pupils from Thorpe Primary School in Netherton, part of Peterborough Keys Academies Trust (PKAT) were transported back 5000 years to ancient Egyptian times.

Mr Stuart Makins from shared the history of how the empire started with a huge map of Egypt.

It was an inspiring day as the primary school students learnt about chronology, placing events and civilizations on a timeline. Studying ancient Egypt allowed the students to understand the concept of ancient civilizations and how they fit into the broader timeline of history.  They were introduced to key events, people, and aspects of life in ancient Egypt. This included learning about the pharaohs, the pyramids, daily life, religion, and the importance of the Nile River to the civilization.  They developed skills including asking and answering historical questions, interpreting sources of evidence like artifacts and hieroglyphics, and understanding how our knowledge of the past is constructed. 

The Year 3 children enjoyed hunting games, including using foam javelins aimed into a bucket to collect points. He showed them an ancient version of snakes and ladders called 'hounds and jackals' and the children had to crack a code using hieroglyphics to work out a message for how to measure with an ancient ruler, just like when the pyramids were built.

The pinnacle of the day was in when the children watched Mr Makins performed mummification on a mannequin.  The children got hands-on taking the organs out, as well as performing roles of being High priests who brought gifts for the funeral procession.

“This was an exciting day for the children to learn all about ancient Egypt, by being immersed in the culture and dressing up too” said Emma Anderson, Headteacher of Thorpe Primary School.

She added: “Studying ancient Egypt provided our students with a rich and engaging experience that helped them develop a sense of chronology, historical knowledge, and skills that are foundational to their understanding of history.”

"My favourite part was when we were learning how to mummify a king or queen said!” said Enzo and “I liked the hounds and jackals game because it is a good board game and I felt happy when I played it," said Jayden.

"My favourite thing about Egyptian Day was when we did the mummification process” said Haaniya and "I like the way we did the mummification process so then we could see how they did it,” said Haya.


Thorpe Primary School has been rated as good in all areas of Ofsted.