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Global Diversity Day celebrated at Ravensthorpe Primary ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Ravensthorpe Primary School part of Peterborough Keys Academies Trust celebrated Global Diversity Day for the school children to learn and understand the diverse and culture within the community.

Martin Fry, Headteacher of Ravensthorpe Primary School said: “We invited all children to come to school dressed in traditional clothes that are unique to their culture. This included traditional wear, clothes that represent the colour of their home flag, or a sports shirt of their home team.”


Ravensthorpe Primary has 388 pupils in its school where there are 27 different languages spoken other than English.* (See List in Editor’s Notes).

Class lessons on the day covered diversity, culture, language, nationality, representation, respect and responsibility.


ITV Anglia came along to film the celebration: (see programme 19.34 minutes).


Miss Paige Nunn, Year 6 class teacher/Reading Lead said: “We are fortunate enough to belong to a community here at Ravensthorpe Primary School that is rich in both diversity and culture. It is our role to not only educate ourselves, nut also facilitate engaging opportunities for our children to share and discuss their heritage with pride and respect. It has been a privilege to organise and participate in such a wonderful celebration.”


Ms Jacqui Rowley Year 2 class teacher/ Geography Lead said: “Working in an educational setting where there is so much diversity is an honour. We hope to introduce an annual tradition where children have the opportunity to become experts and share their knowledge with others. Differences should be celebrated, not ignored!”


Year 6 Language Ambassador pupil said: “It's like an adventure for your mind because I have never seen these traditional outfits before, I've never tried these foods. It opens our minds to a whole new world out there that we don't know about.”


Year 4 pupils said: “Nobody is the same and everyone is unique and different. Imagine a world where we are all the same? It would be boring as we would know everything about them. How they look, how they talk, what they wear. We need differences so that we can talk to each other, have fun and learn more.”