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Twin Science visits Nova Primary Academy

Nova Primary Academy, which has just taken the first leap to securing the school’s dynamic new vision has hosted its first Twin Science event with all four primary schools within Peterborough Keys Academies Trust. (PKAT)*

Headteacher, Mrs Alma McGonigle, of Nova Primary Academy, who began her Headship at the school in September 2021 has set about making exciting transformations at the school and holding these incredible STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) focus events is one of those.

Mrs McGonigle said: “We are delighted with our fresh start and our innovative school vision.  Our new school motto is ‘Ambitious and Proud,’ and we are on a mission to create a school which enables all pupils to believe that anything is possible and that there are no limits to their potential and achievements. Our first Twin Science event was an exceptional learning event.”

Dr Ian Young, CEO of Peterborough Keys Academies Trust said: “We are excited to be working with Twin Science, whose reputation has taken them to the United Nations Headquarters, where they have run workshops. At PKAT we aim to reflect their passion for educating children to see how STEM innovations can help to enhance the collective wellbeing of society, through a focus on sustainability, social awareness and responsible decision making. We are proud of Nova Primary Academy for leading the Trust’s work in this area.”

Twin Science is ultimately about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics).  Students were given the opportunity to get hands on and solve problems.  It has built a reputation for sustainability and providing children and teachers with a special platform to learn though special STEM kits within school. At this event, the children were given electronic kits to build an electronic car.

Mrs McGonigle believes that STEM can unlock creativity and imagination: “Our aim is that our pupils have a place in school where they can have opportunities to design, develop, experiment and problem solve through Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.  To have a special place for them to acquire knowledge beyond their classroom, as their world orbits through their experiences and sends them on a trajectory of discovery and enrichment.  We have a Nova STEM club, where our pupils are building a kit car using sustainable materials to race on Goodwood Racecourse, against other UK schools and a programme for ‘Girls4Tech’ and ‘Start Small, Dream Big’ primary careers programme.

  Nova Primary Academy’s next endeavour is to create the ‘Discovery STEM Centre’ using innovation, exploration, research, and careers education to deepen the experiences of the pupils.  A new ‘Launchpad D&T area was established in April 2023, as an exciting pioneer project.